English Proficiency

Communication is Key!

English Proficiency

Our competitive advantage hinges on the fact that we can engage with your customers to fully understand their technology issues and inquiries. A mastery of the English language is critical for our agents, so we screen candidate agents for their English proficiency as well as continually coach once agents are hired on - again fostering a dynamic, continuous improvement culture, not only for technical competency but for English competency, as well.

We use the industry standard Berlitz test to assess English proficiency, where both reading and oral comprehension, vocabulary, and speaking capabilities are tested. Our agents must obtain a Berlitz score of B 8 - 9 (CEF level of B 2.1 or 2.2) to be able to engage in both chat and voice functions with customers. Our agents that obtain a Berlitz score of B7 (CEF Level B1.3) are able to engage in chat functions only, however, they are reassessed every 3 months and have the potential to move up if they obtain a Berlitz score of 8 or higher.


We realize the ability to communicate with customers is so critical, therefore we employ a global team of English language coaches. They hold small focus groups of 6-8 employees for English coaching sessions with the purpose of mastering English conversational skills. These coaches also serve as another screening for English proficiency when we are interviewing potential candidates to make sure any agent we add to our team is able to effectively interact with customers.

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