Agile Development

We specialize in building cloud-based software solutions that meet your business needs, fast!

Agile Development

Zero Day Group specializes in security-driven, cloud-based application development in analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Over the last 18 years, we have developed expertise across a broad-range of industries. Every industry has its own rules and regulations, and we are experienced to make sure the applications that run your business remain compliant. We design applications with performance and scalability in mind through best practices and proven design patterns. Our primary asset is our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals composed of solution architects, data analysts, software engineers, and experts in quality assurance, design, and usability.

Whether you prefer to host your applications on premises or in the cloud, our cloud native development gives you adaptability and flexibility for your needs and requirements. We can also add functionality and operational efficiency to your enterprise and legacy applications through custom add-on applications and robotic process automation applications. We believe in the fundamental value of data, not only to understand your business today, but to drive intelligence and transformation in your business’ future, so we incorporate analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities into our applications.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities to perform repeatable tasks that are usually carried out by a human.

  • It can take over repetitive tasks that employees carry out 50-60 times a day
  • Reduces manual processing time and cost and can work around the clock
  • Can perform mass email generation, archiving, and extraction
  • Eliminates human error
  • Can perform conversion of data formats and graphics

Automated the process of calculating safe dosages of chemotherapy drugs for children

Significantly reduced overdosing and side effects

Automated the process of collating and displaying critical astronaut data for clearance to fly

Reduced errors by 30% and processing time by 85%

Automated the process of updating land owner and participation changes

Created 30 robots in 5 weeks to perform 64 steps of an 85 step process and reduced processing time by 75%

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables applications to listen and make decisions, opening them up to be used in a wide variety of new business applications. We incorporate a variety of AI algorithms and approaches in our applications to improve business performance and outcomes. These approaches include classification and regression techniques, neural networks, and quadratic discriminant analysis. The outcomes and value we can provide your business include detecting fraudulent transactions, forecasting demand and inventory levels, predicting volume for staffing decisions, and much more.

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