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Established in 2007, Zero Day Group was built on a foundation of serving clients. Our core identity is to serve clients and that drives everything we do. As technology has continued to evolve at an ever increasing rate, Zero Day Group has consistently grown in headcount and service offerings to support our clients and help them capitalize on the value implementing technology solutions can have on their organizations.

Zero Day Group is a professional services company. We exist to serve our clients. If we do not exceed our client’s expectations, we know there are other companies out there that will. We live in an amazing age of technological innovation, and we are hungry and driven to help clients realize the benefits and efficiencies associated with leveraging and customizing the very best of that technology for their business.

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“Zero Day Group has been an outstanding technology and consulting partner. Their innovative solutions around cloud, automation and security as well as their passion for providing our customers phenomenal support has made an impact for a number of our Fortune 50 clients. We look forward to continuing this valuable relationship.”

-Paul Equale, Managing Director


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We are a worldwide team of almost 1,000 professionals dedicated to serving clients. We specialize in building secure, cloud-based software solutions that meet business needs. We also provide the best high quality Technical Customer Support you will ever experience.


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